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Especialista en acrobacia aérea en cuerda, multicuerdas, suspension capilar, tela y aro. Y en técnicas de duo, aro, tela y trapecio.

Espectáculos, galas y eventos.

Andrea Rios


Circus Artist form Colombia,  professional graduate of the Colombian circus school "Escuela Nacional Circo Para Todos (ENCPT) 2009.

Her especiality is the aerials: rope, multiropes, hair suspension, neck suspension, tissue and hoop.

She worked for 5 years in duo with Oscar Rojas, she was doing duo trapeze, duo silks and their personally developed and unique act of “AERIAL BICYCLE”.

As student of the Colombian “ENCPT” circus school, she performed in “DELIRIO”, a renowned salsa show in Cali, they tourned with the show and performed in many international locations, including Panama, Madrid, Paris, London and even at the Hague in Netherlands. 


She has performed in several productions, such “UN DIA SIN FIN”, we toured to Bagnacavallo (Italy) and also in XII Iberoamerican Theater Festival in Bogota. 


She worked with the London production company "Micha Bergese Productions" - MBP.  Seven month contract in 2010 and 2013-2014 in the cruise line, P&O Australia. 


She performed in the beginning of 2013 for 6 months with an Italian circus “FLorilegio”, we tourned in Algeria. 

Co-founder and artist of Colectivo de  Paso, interdisciplinary arts (2014- 2015) , Bogotá. Colombia. Play TRAPICHE.


She was working   with the  Turkey company Art Group Event doing her solo aerial rope act for the summer season in 2016.


Co-founder and artist of Entretejidos Company, interdisciplinary arts (2018- 2019) Spain . Play FLORESTA, doing theater and her solo multi ropes act and neck suspension.


Actually she is living in Madrid, Spain working in her new show ARA, where she is mixing theater, dance  with aerial techniques (Multiropes and hair suspension). Winning project of the call for artistic residences of the Territorio Circo supported by Scimmie volanti, the national dramatic center and the Circo Price  in Madrid.

Selected to participate in the Ibero-American Festival FIRCO 2020 with her act of hair suspension.

She also teach rope and silks.

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